• Repeat Classes for Students who Fail Exams

    Posted on: ѹ¹ 23rd, 2013 by Pixel@110

    Talking Point Fail a gradeThe Education Minister Mr. Chaturon Chaisaeng wants failed students to repeat classes according to the following recent report in the Bangkok Post.

    “When I was going to school, one word we dreaded was ‘flunk’. Flunking a test was bad enough, but flunking and having to repeat a whole year was unthinkable. Here in Thailand, the regulation on repeating a failed class was abolished several years ago, allowing students to move to higher classes even if they failed to perform well in some subjects.

    The problem with that, Mr. Chaturon says, is that teachers are requiring failing students to take ‘easy’ extra courses or perform other work such as flower arranging or school cleaning. This was not fair to other students and led to literacy problems among pupils, he said. Education Ministry agencies have been instructed to look into the problem and discuss the idea of repeating class for poor performers, Mr. Chaturon said.

    Among those supporting Mr. Chaturon’s idea was Kamolpan Cheewapansri, President of the Parent-Youth Network for Education Reform. “Failing students should not be allowed to continue with higher education without doing anything. It will be too late to help them when they move to higher classes,” she said.

    Sangravee Vajavude, director of Rajavinit Mathayom School, welcomed the idea, but said it should be implemented only at primary levels or from Prathom 1 to 4 to prevent any psychological impact on class repeaters. At a young age, students are unlikely to feel much stress or worry over being required to stay in the same class for another year, she said.

    Weerachat Soopunyo, a lecturer at Chulalongkorn University’s faculty of education, proposed that students should be only required to re-study subjects which they fail to pass, instead of repeating entire classes.


    abolish: to officially get rid of a law, system, practice, etc. – ยกเลิก

    agency: a government department that provides a particular service – หน่วยงานราชการ

    arrange: to put something in a particular order; to make something neat or attractive – จัด

    dread: to be very afraid of something; to fear that something bad is going to happen – กลัวมาก

    flunk: to fail a test or a course – สอบตก,ทำคะแนนไม่ผ่าน

    impact: an effect or influence – ผลกระทบ

    implement: to make something such as an idea, plan, system or law start to work and be used – นำแผนหรือนโยบายมาปฏิบัติ, นำมาใช้

    instruct: to tell somebody to do something, especially in a formal or official way – สั่ง

    literacy: the ability to read and write – ความสามารถในการอ่านและเขียน

    primary school: a school for young children usually between the ages of 5/6 and 11 – โรงเรียนประถมศึกษา

    propose: to suggest an idea for a group to consider – เสนอ

    psychological: connected with a person’s mind and the way in which it works – ทางด้านจิตใจ, ทางจิตวิทยา

    reform: a change that is intended to correct a situation that is wrong or unfair – การแก้ไข การปฏิรูป

    regulation: an official rule that controls the way that things are done – กฎระเบียบ

    stress: mental pressure or worry – ความตึงเครียด

    unlikely: not expected to happen; probably won’t happen – ที่ไม่น่าจะเกิดขึ้น

    unthinkable: extremely unpleasant or frightening, i.e., something you don’t want to think about