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    Posted on: áҤ 23rd, 2013 by Pixel@110

    Losing a ship with cargo at sea… no Marine Company wants that. Thus it happened!

    It happened because of too low skills in English language.

    The ship’s crew and the port engineers-workers misunderstood each other concerning urgent repairs of pontoons. The repairing was done thus not on each exact location and not on all pontoons that required repairing.

    Later on at sea one of the pontoons gave way, the cargo started to shift and the ship went to the bottom of the sea. All crew members were brought to safety but the ship and precious cargo were lost.

    Both ship crew and port workers weren’t skillful enough in the English language.

    From 2015 on, every crew member from Captain to ordinary Seaman, from Chief Engineer to Engineer Cadet, from Chief Stewart to Cook, all need to have a Certificate English with at least the minimum score or % of English language skills required concerning their position on board. On oil tankers, container ships, multiple purpose ships, cruise ships, etc…

    Therefore dear seafarers, do not waste time and come to English-Click to upgrade your English language skills. English-Click provides courses for all levels in Seafarer English for Communication, Engineering, Hospitality on cruise ships and many more.


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    Adj. Marc



    Seafarer: a sailor – กะลาสี

    Cargo: the lading or freight of a ship – สินค้า – น้ำหนักบรรทุกหรือขนส่งสินค้าทางเรือ

    Skills: the ability, coming from one’s knowledge, practice, aptitude, etc., to do something well – ทักษะ

    Crew: the people who sail or operate a ship or boat – คนที่อยู่ในเรือหรือทำงานบนเรือ

    Port: a city, town, or other place where ships load or unload – พอร์ต – ท่าเรือ

    Bulkhead or Pontoon: any of various wall-like constructions inside a vessel, as for forming watertight compartments, subdividing space, or strengthening the structure – กำแพงกั้น

    Gave way: it broke (simple past tense of break) – แตกหัก ทลาย

    Shift: moving from one place, position to another – เคลื่อน

    Precious: of high price or great value; very valuable or costly – ล้ำค่า

    Ordinary: customary; usual; normal – ธรรมดา

    Cadet: a student in a national service academy or on a training ship – นักเรียนนายร้อย

    Certificate: a document attesting to the fact that a person has completed an educational course, a written testimony of qualifications ประกาศนียบัตร

    Position: occupation, profession, rank, the job you do – อาชีพ

    Concerning: relating to; regarding; about – เกี่ยวกับ

    On board: to be on or in a ship – จะอยู่บนเรือ ในเรือ

    Upgrade: an increase or improvement (of skills) – พัฒนา

    Cruise ship: a passenger ship built or used for pleasure cruises, usually taking passengers on an extended cruise with occasional calls in various places of interest – เรือสำราญ