• Golden Rules for Business Emails

    Posted on: Ҥ 2nd, 2013 by Pixel@110

    Talking Point emails

    In a recent article in “The Sydney Morning Herald”, Alexandra Cain laid down ten golden rules for business emailing:

    If you get sent an email you’re expecting, respond to say received.

    2. Respond within 24 hours.

    3. Use proper English.

    4. Don’t sign off with xx (kisses) in a business email.

    5. Email wars never end well. Pick up the phone.

    6. In fact, pick up the phone more often – it’s often easier to have a quick chat than send a squillion emails.

    7. Stop sending joke emails. Everyone’s already read them all.

    8. Don’t announce something big over email. Like firing someone. Have the guts to say it in person.

    9. If you’re away switch on your auto reply.

    10. If someone’s being a silly person and a nuisance on email, BCC (blind copy) everyone you know in your reply.

    These rules provide a lively discussion focus –you may agree or disagree with them and possibly you can think of more rules.

    On a use of language note, the article quotes Jessica McInerney, a senior account manager with New Future PR:

    She says it’s also important to use proper English. “Many people fall into the trap of writing emails in informal shorthand and abbreviations. While emails are a quick form of communication, they are still a formal communication tool when used in the workplace. Spelling, grammar and punctuation should not be forgotten.”


    golden rules (adjective + noun): important rules to be obeyed

    squillion (informal noun): very many (seems like a million)

    firing (verb present participle): ending someone’s employment

    have the guts (verb + noun): informal expression meaning have the courage (guts = the body’s digestive organs)

    fall into the trap (verb + preposition + noun): make the mistake

    shorthand and abbreviations (nouns): short versions of longer words