• Testimonials

    herbalife” Before I started to learn English during this course, I didn’t understand some vocabulary and had almost no skill about sentence structure and how to write and use. During this course I was able to understand how to use and write some target
    vocabulary, words, sentences. But when I still didn’t understand my teacher told us how to use it correctly.

    I feel so happy about everything in this course because it is helpful for my job where I must often communicate with regional Herbalife clients. Sometimes maybe I did not have enough skill for writing a sentence, then the teacher always told me always how to do it correctly.

    I felt that this course was very helpful and that I was able to attend English sessions at my workplace and I would like to say “thank you very much to English Click and all of your teachers for helping me.”

    Theeradej Pongkantha. (Berm) | Sales Manager

    Herbalife International (Thailand) Limited

    herbalife“The first thing I would like to say is “Thank you so much to English Click and Teacher Marc”. I like your English teaching. You make it easy for me to understand a sentence by correcting sentences and to learn English business writing and also cultural knowledge for living in each country.

    And then I have to say “Thank you” again for all your kind help to everyone after the end of course. We can call and email with you for consultation about English language. It’s very kind!!

    If I must give a score, you will get 9 points from 10.”

    Duangdao Pothi | Secretary for General Manager

    Administration Herbalife International (Thailand) Limited

    herbalife“I am Picharat Naksawad and my nickname is Pete. I would like to tell you about your English Click teaching class. First, when I come to your class my first feeling is high pressure and fear because I have a little skill in English about listening, writing and speaking.

    But as time went on I learned a lot from you and you make me have better skills. Although I did not finish the course because of my high work demands, I appreciate what you have given to me. And I will not forget it. I hope to see you again next time.

    Thank You.”

    Picharat Naksawad (Pete) | Assistant Sales Manager

    Herbalife International (Thailand) Limited

    SCAEnglish Click uses the “Communication approach”, which enables students to have more interaction with the instructor. This style of teaching allows students to learn English more effectively and gives them more confidence when communicating. Some classes are arranged to allow on improving accuracy and some classes are arranged on allowing fluency and confidence building.
    Moreover, Grammar and vocabulary are equally important when learning a language and seeking to use it effectively. The instructor uses different types of activities to help students use grammar and vocabulary in the right situations. Our staff have a lot of opportunities to practice using English in both speaking and writing activities.
    We strongly believe that we made the right decision to use English Click as our training & development partner for our associates.

    K. Annop Chayawadhanangkur

    Operational and Financial Manager

    3MEnglish click provided a Business Presentation course for our company. They were very professional and always punctual. The instructor helped all the staff attending the course to be more comfortable and confident when speaking in English, both in everyday related communication and when speaking in front of a group of people. The English Click staff were always available to us if we needed any advice and always provided us with helpful information and feedback. I recommend English click to any company wishing to improve their English communication skills.

    K. Silapatkul

    Division Manager

    open-linkI work in an office near English Click and I am learning English conversation – Headway 1. I have learnt great conversation skills and I study and practise speaking with two classmates. The teacher, who is very helpful, teaches us lots of new vocabulary and we have fun in class learning new words.

    My reason to learn English is because I want to travel. Now I have better listening skills and I think I can travel more easily. The teacher has helped my reading, writing, listening and speaking skills and I have enjoyed and have had fun in all the classroom activities.

    Nathanon (Tum) Kleangmeesri, 24 years old

    Sales Executive

    Openlink Co., Ltd.

    ACSI am studying English conversation two lessons a week with American Headway 1. From the start of the course until now, I  have had a great impression of the course. I’m impressed with all of the teachers and staff.

    I chose to learn this course with my friends because I wanted one or two hours to practise my English before I returned  home in the evening. I have been very satisfied with this course and when I finish I would like to take another course at a higher level than this one to develop my English skills further.

    Akapat (Toto) Tragulrungsri, 23 years old

    Sales Executive

    Associated Commercial Systems Co., Ltd.

    I go to the private Phra Mae Maree Sathupradit School in Bangkok and I am in mathayom 5. I am enrolled in a private English conversation course at English Click.

    I’m impressed about studying English here, because after I began studying I started to speak and listen better. I became more familiar with foreigners, and so I’m more confident to speak with them.

    Ajjima (Jam) Kanchanathaworn

    corporate_client_CDGM“I take the English Click course of Business English Writing at my office twice a week. The objective of this course with its emphasis on Business English Writing is to practise writing skills for work, such as writing e-mails, letters or reports.

    Moreover I can practise both listening and speaking English skills too, due to my  teacher’s English mother tongue. Within the 40 hours for of this course, I will develop my English skills more.”

     Woraya Sangchai, Sales Representative

    “The Business Writing English Course has been useful to upgrade my skills. This course has upgraded my skills of vocabulary, reading and writing.

    At the beginning I had some problems with listening, I didn’t know some meanings explained by the teacher and I was slow in writing them down. It was hard to take note of all the correct sentences along with my friends in the class.

    I think the best way for me to improve further is to do a lot of homework to practise my writing.”

     Masaya Promsatit, Marketing Executive 

    “I have just joined the English Click sessions which are taught by Mr. Marc starting last month. He always makes everybody in the class learn with fun. I like to join these classes as it is a time to relax a bit from the pressures of my job.

    Moreover and importantly, I learn techniques in the lessons to improve my English writing.”

    Piyarat Srorachai, Purchasing Manager