• Promotions

    Welcome to AEC in 2016, English Click is pleasure to offer the special promotion for student who would like to study English for specific career such as English for law, English for engineer etc. the promotion in May 2016 is as follow:

    • 500 baht discount for books
    • for private lesson-one student who enroll 30 hours course and above.
    • 1000 baht discount for books
    • for private lesson-two students who enroll 30 hours course and above.

    Highly recommend for a beginner who want to self- practice basic conversation at home.

    Good News!  Multimedia program in the form of CD-Rom which will help you to spend your free time to learn and practice your daily conversation as much as you can.

    • It is suitable for the beginning English level learner starting from an elementary student up to adult.
    • There are 3 levels and  20 units in each level.
    • 20 units (20-40 hours of learning)

    Normal price is 4,600 baht but we offer 2,900 baht now! (Delivery cost is not included)

    For more detail about the multimedia program.


    For further details, please call us on 02-293-1312 or 086-779-1788 or
    email: admin@english-click.com