• Prathom students (age 6-12)

    Our English language training courses for prathom students are available in six levels and designed to improve the speaking and listening English language skills of students with each class being taught by a professionally qualified native English-speaking teacher.

    Our English language training courses for prathom students comprises the following curriculum:

    1. A unit of English Time – a stimulating and visual book and series of audio cassettes from Oxford University Press focusing on students’ English language conversation skills.
    2.  An interactive module – including role-playing, quizzes, songs and educational games.
    3. A creative project module – the teacher will verbally conduct a session where students complete an imaginative activity that assists their all-round English language proficiency for the level of study being undertaken.

    English Click, we will help improve your English language skills. For a no obligation information pack on any of our English language courses for prathom students contact us using this form