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    We provide tutorial courses for international school students wishing to improve their IGCSE or IB grades in the subjects they are studying. All lessons covering IGCSE and IB are taught by highly qualified and experienced international school teachers.

    IGCSE: originating from the British curriculum, the full name is International General Certificate of Secondary Education and is an internationally recognised qualification, including acceptance by  the Thai Ministry of Education. Students normally sit the IGCSE examinations in British Year 11 when they are 15 to 16 years old, one year before they study the GCE AS Level.

    Common subjects studied include English, Mathematics, Integrated Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Business Studies, Art and Design and Modern Languages e.g. Thai and Mandarin Chinese.

    IB: originating in Europe, the full name is International Baccalaureate – its curriculum is extensively followed and recognised in many countries, including Thailand. The Middle Years Programme within IB is undertaken by students at the initial secondary school stage.

    Subjects studied in the Middle Years Programme consist of Modern Languages, Humanities, Mathematics, Arts, Sciences, Technology and Physical Education.

    Subjects provided: ESL, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Business studies and


    Classes: tuition is based on a minimum class size of three students with a study period of 20 hours, with days and times to fit in conveniently with the students’ school timetable.

    Fees: a minimum of three students are required for a class – the fee per student for a 20 hour course is 11,000 baht (550 baht per hour).

    IGCSE – A – Level – IB Fees 2013

    We would open a group class of 3 students or more with the following fee: the following fee:

    ESL 20 Hours 11000 THB/ student
    Mathematics 20 Hours 11000 THB/ student
    Biology 20 Hours 11000 THB/ student
    Chemistry 20 Hours 11000 THB/ student
    Physics 20 Hours 11000 THB/ student
    Business Studies 20 Hours 11000 THB/ student

    *Text books are not included in the course fee.

    * Study schedule is as per student convenience.

    * Private class fee per hour: 1,200 THB per 1 student and 1,500 THB per 2 students