• Private English training courses

    Private English language training courses are the perfect way for people to improve their written and spoken English language skills in the shortest period of time.

    With an English Click Private English language training course students can study with one of our professionally qualified, native English-speaking teachers either individually, or in small groups of colleges or friends that focus on a common need – whether they be business or private needs.

    Private English language training courses allow our staff to perfectly tailor a course of English language study comprising written and/or conversation English to suit your exact needs.

    Because they are highly focused and conducted as one-on-one or in very small groups, students in our Private English language courses are able to achieve their goals and see their achievements faster than through standard group teaching classes.

    These private lessons also provide the opportunity for students to bring in their own material or work to which the teacher can give his or her specific attention and assistance. Examples of courses that particularly lend themselves to private training include: giving effective presentations and preparing for a new job interview.